If you are interested in joining the program or having the young shooters in your family participate in a friendly  challenging and informative sport please drop us a line at  tristatesrg.net

Our Juniors Program will be starting up in the spring.

Phil Higby will be the coordinator of the events.

We look forward to a fun and educational program. 

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Home     About      Contact-Membership       Ranges

​​                      The Tri-States Juniors 

Many Junior Groups that have been sponsored by our club. 
instructors will be in charge of our young shooters 
on all our ranges. We will try to bring in guest instructors

with different specialties in firearms to share their experiences
with our young members broadening their sporting experience.

All instructors will be NRA Certified in their fields. There will always

be range safety officers on hand during any club activity.

Safe firearm handling and lessons in responsible conduct while

using and being around firearms are a fundamental part of this sport.

Attitude is the number one lesson we all learn and share to

keep everyone safe. All this is free to our Juniors.